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We can end hallway health care by supporting home care services across Ontario


of the
into the Home

Ontario's hospitals are full.

Home care waitlists are growing.

Patients have nowhere to turn.

But it doesn't have to be this way

Tell your MPP to support the home care system to end hallway health care

The New Normal

Health care is getting worse in Ontario. Over the past year, the average patient admitted to an Ontario hospital spent more than 16 hours in the ER before getting a bed.

Every day, more than 5,300 hospital beds are occupied by patients who no longer need to be in hospital but can’t get the care they need at home. The whole health system is buckling under the weight of this backlog. Hospitals are so over capacity that patient beds lining the hallways has become the new normal and our seniors are the ones suffering the most. 


But if people could get the care they need at home, hospitals could get back on the right track. We can end hallway health care with three simple steps.

Help Us End Hallway Health Care

The Ford Government has vowed to end hallway health care. We know that the solution lies in home care. Until we take steps to address the structural challenges faced by the home care sector, patients will have no place to go but the hospital, and hallway health care will persist. Help us get our message out that in three simple steps, home care can end hallway health care. 

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